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Dental Crowns – Porter, TX

Repairing Damaged Teeth for Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

A fully functional smile is necessary for almost every aspect of your day-to-day life. Speaking, chewing, and even smiling with confidence can all be adversely impacted by even one damaged tooth. At the dental office of Gilbert C. Price, DDS, we are here to help you quickly and conservatively repair your smile with dental crowns in Porter, TX, so you can keep up with your daily routine and never miss a beat. We do our best to help patients avoid dental damage with regular preventive dental exams and teeth cleanings, but we are also here to help you repair damage that can’t be avoided. Dental crowns are an excellent restoration option that protects and strengthens damaged smiles, giving patients the ability to speak, chew, and smile with confidence following advanced decay or damage. If you’re in need of dental care, call our Porter dentist and dentistry team to schedule an appointment. When you visit our state-of-the-art dental office, we’ll examine your teeth and help you plan for the best restoration option to restore healthy function and keep you smiling.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral tooth photos of dental crown restorationDental crowns are advanced restorations that fit completely over the top of a tooth. The goal is to recreate lost tooth structure and protect you from further damaging your smile. Once in place, a dental crown will feel and function just like the rest of your teeth. If you choose to receive a restoration crafted from all-ceramic or porcelain fused to metal material, the dental crown will also look just like your healthy, natural smile.

When Would I Need a Dental Crown?

Man in dental chair looking at smile in mirror after dental crown restorationWe use dental crowns in a variety of situations, including:

How are Dental Crowns Placed?

Tooth-colored dental crowns prior to placementDental crowns are placed in two trips to our dental office. During the initial appointment, we prepare your tooth by removing damaged structure and shaping the tooth to allow the crown to fit into the smile line. Then, we capture impressions of your prepared tooth. A temporary is placed to protect your tooth. We send the impressions to our dental lab where your custom crown is crafted. When we receive this final restoration, you’ll return to our dental office, so we can exchange your temporary for the high quality, custom dental crown, leaving you with a flawless smile.

Will I Need to Replace My Dental Crown?

Tooth-colored dental crown on model smileWith daily brushing and flossing, conscientious habits like using sportsguards and not chewing fingernails, and six month dental checkups, patients can keep a dental crown for a decade or longer. Over time, you will likely need to have the restoration repaired or replaced, but our team will help you keep the crown functioning as long as possible.

How do I Care for My Dental Restoration?

You can continue to brush and floss your teeth as usual following the placement of a dental crown. The only changes we may recommend are switching out some of your oral hygiene products that are more likely to damage your repaired tooth. We can assist you in choosing a good, minimally abrasive toothpaste, soft bristled toothbrush, and waxed floss. This will keep your crown in place longer, limiting the need for repair or replacement. During your six month dental exams, Dr. Price will examine your crown for warning signs of damage and help you keep your crown flawless and functional as long as possible.

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