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Dental Implants in Porter

Get Rid of the Gaps in Your Smile

When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants are truly in a class of their own. They are the only treatment that actually restores the root of a tooth in addition to the visible portion, creating the most durable and natural-looking results possible. They can help with any amount of tooth loss, so if you’re ready to say “goodbye” to the gaps in your smile, be sure to contact us for a consultation.

Implant Placement

Model of implant supported denture

A dental implant is actually a prosthetic tooth root that is made out of titanium, and once it has been placed into the jaw, it can be used to support a variety of replacement teeth. Implants not only give the teeth an extremely sturdy base, but they also help prevent the bone loss that is so common after tooth loss, which is something no other treatment can do.

In order to get dental implants, a patient will first need to undergo a minor surgery. Thanks to our years of experience, we can handle this portion of the procedure in-house, streamlining your implant process. Thanks to modern techniques, most patients report feeling very little discomfort either during or after surgery. Once it is done, you’ll be given a few months to heal, after which you will return to our office to receive your brand new teeth.

Implant-Retained Crowns & Bridges

Model smile with implant fixed bridge

Are you missing a single tooth? Then an implant-retained crown is a great way to bring it back to life. After your implant placement procedure, we’ll attach a custom-made all-porcelain crown to it using a metal connector called an abutment. At this point, your new tooth will be virtually indistinguishable from the others in color, shape, and strength. We’ll design your crown to completely blend in with your smile, and all you’ll need to do to take care of it is brush and floss like normal.

Or, if you are missing a few teeth in a row, implant crowns can actually be used to form a bridge as well. Two crowns will be placed on either side of the space in your smile, and these will be bonded to prosthetic teeth to close it. Compared to traditional bridges, implant-retained bridges have a better hold, last longer, and look more natural as well.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Model of implant denture

Sick and tired of your uncomfortable and unreliable dentures? Now you can upgrade your smile thanks to dental implants! Rather than relying on small metal clasps or natural suction to keep your teeth in place, implant-retained dentures simply snap onto multiple implant posts placed into your mouth. This gives them numerous advantages over a traditional removable prosthetic:

Mini Dental Implants

Closeup of healthy flawless smile

In order to get dental implants, a patient must have an adequate amount of healthy jawbone in order to safely support the new roots, and this is not always the case for someone who has been missing teeth for a long time, as bone loss is very common after tooth loss. Thankfully, mini dental implants can help people in this situation because they are shorter and thinner than traditional ones. They can still be used to support a denture that has a much stronger hold than a regular one, and due to their reduced size, they often can be placed and restored in less time as well.

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