Have a damaged front tooth? Our dentist can make it look like new again thanks to a metal-free restoration! These crowns and bridges are actually made up of 100% dental porcelain, which is one of the most advanced materials in all of dentistry. It is just as strong as traditional metal, but it can also be shaped and shaded to perfectly mimic real enamel, all the way down to how it reflects light. These restorations are so lifelike that even patients have trouble seeing where their actual tooth ends and it begins!

Do you have dark, metal restorations creating an eyesore when you smile? Now, you can repair damaged or unattractive teeth with metal-free restorations in Porter, Texas. Dr. Gilbert Price and his team can restore your oral health while improving the appearance of your smile with natural-looking results. Whether you need a filling or dental crown, rest assured it can blend in seamlessly.

Tooth-Colored Fillings
Tooth decay is the biggest threat to your teeth, despite it being preventable. Amalgam fillings have been the standard treatment for cavities for decades because they are durable and effective. Unfortunately, they also have several disadvantages, like a dark appearance. Not to mention, they contain various metals, including mercury.

Tooth-colored fillings are a biocompatible alternative to metal. They are made from a composite resin that consists of fine glass and plastic. This allows the fillings to be customized to match your enamel to blend in with your teeth. They also do not contain any metals, so you can rest assured they are safe.

What Can I Expect?
After your tooth is cleaned and dried, a weak acid is applied to it to open the pores in your enamel. Your cosmetic dentist in Porter uses a color guide to find the ideal shade for your filling. The acid is rinsed from your tooth before the resin is placed on it. There is no need to cut wedges into your tooth to support the filling, allowing you to keep more of your tooth’s structure intact. A special light quickly hardens the filling. Your tooth is filed and polished, so you can walk out of your appointment with a beautiful smile.

All-Ceramic Crowns
Crowns are custom-made caps bonded over the entire visible portion of a tooth to improve its strength, function, health and appearance. They can be used for several purposes, such as to cover a dark discoloration, an abnormal appearance or to fix a break. They are often used in combination with other treatments as well, like root canals, a dental bridge or dental implants.

Traditional crowns are made from metal because it is cost-effective and durable, but they stick out like a sore thumb when you smile. Now, you can enjoy a solution that looks like a natural tooth. All-ceramic material allows it to be customized to meet the exact size, shape and color you need.

What Can I Expect?
Your tooth is reshaped to allow the custom-made cap to be placed over it. We take an impression of your tooth to get the exact measurements necessary to create it, and the dental lab carefully crafts it to meet your specifications. This can take a couple of weeks, so we attach a temporary crown in the meantime. After your crown is sent back to our office, you return to have it bonded to your tooth. Your new smile can last for an average of 10 years with the right aftercare.

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